Peoples Gas is celebrating dads this Father’s Day. The company asked employees to submit pictures and provide a few thoughts about why they love being a dad.

Here are their words:

“Your children remind you every day of who you are and what you mean to them. There’s no better job title than ‘Dad.’” — Sal Arana, vice president — operations

“There is a difference between a dad and father. Being a dad is not just a title, but a gift. My dad, Robert Harper, has always instilled in me, ‘Anything worth having is worth working for.’ The gift of being a dad to my two sons, Marcus II and Justin, enables me to coach, mentor and equip them to excel in life. I am truly enjoying the journey of watching my sons develop from boys to men, defeat the odds of normality and value my sacrifices.” — Marcus Harper, supervisory operations specialist

“It is an unbelievable blessing to be able to have children. Other than being a husband, being a father is the most important, challenging and rewarding role. Importance comes in always being there for your children wherever and whenever they need you. The challenges are the costs, time, energy and emotions involved in raising them. And the rewards are seeing them grow and getting to enjoy each and every one of their accomplishments/milestones. It is one of the greatest feelings to see your children smile and know they are happy!” — Dan Thiel, senior business analyst — business effectiveness and integration

“I like being a dad because it’s a great experience to pass down experiences and create new memories with my son, who has a new perspective. Being a dad is the best gift I have ever received, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.” — Carlos Torres, corrosion tech II

“I live to make my kids laugh!” — Keith Gustin, general supervisor