Peoples Gas is celebrating moms this Mother’s Day. The company asked employees to submit pictures and provide a few thoughts on why they love being a mom.

Here are their words.

“To be called a mother is a blessing, privilege and an honor! I give myself selflessly to my precious gifts, which brings me so much joy. To see them growing up so fast and already influencing their generation is amazing. Motherhood is not easy, however it is the best rewarding experience and worth it.” — Annie Akuamoah, manager — city and customer coordination

“I love being a mom because it has given me the opportunity to experience unconditional love. In addition, I’ve enjoyed watching her grow into a beautiful young lady, knowing that I’ve played a part.” — Kenisha Griffin, supervisory operations specialist

“Being a mom has made me a better person. I love motherhood because it has taught me patience, unconditional love and more patience. In my daughter, I have a best friend for life who challenges me, but loves me just as much as I love her.” — Lakisha Fancher, operations specialist II

“I love being a mom because I love being a supportive, loving and a caring role model to my son, all of which puts a smile on his face. When he is happy and smiling, it brightens up my day.” — Marcia Lewis, supervisory operations specialist

“I love being mom because it is a sacred place. It’s my place. It’s my place in life. A beautiful place. A place where I am needed. A place where I am loved. A place where I love deeply and unconditionally. It’s where I belong. It’s what gives me the most joy in my life. The true happiness of my heart and soul. It’s my purpose and all my dreams. It’s my family. It’s my heart. It’s the best heaven on Earth. It’s who I am and who I will always be. I am grateful and I am blessed.” — Maria Crosswait, gas mechanic

“I love being Isaac’s mom because I am able to see the beauty of everything through his eyes and appreciate the little things in life.” — Maria Marin, payment processing specialist

“I love being a mom for so many reasons: seeing the pure joy when they learn something new or are able to do something they’ve been working for, being inspired and motivated from their energy and imagination, and definitely for the hugs!” — Peggy Salvatore, manager — capital and operations planning

“Words can’t explain how blessed I am. I love being a mom because I get to watch my son learn and grow. I love all the hugs, kisses and grins. I must admit, being a mom has been the most interesting, most fun, most exciting thing I have ever done. I am blessed to be given the opportunity to experience it and wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world.” — Taraila Groves- Perry, dispatcher — emergency and short cycle response

“I love being a mom to my three sons because they always keep me on my toes and involved. I am grateful for them, and they give so much meaning to my life.”— Tricia Leon, senior business analyst

“I feel honored to have the opportunity to raise two kind, caring and respectful sons. I love watching their individual personalities develop, and they are so much fun!” — Alese Mauermann, lead gas supply planner