CHICAGO Navy Pier, today, was recognized for reducing its carbon footprint and protecting the environment.

Through work with the Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency team, Navy Pier reduced its energy use by 162,000 therms of natural gas across five years. This effort lowered Navy Pier’s energy bills, and the energy saved is the equivalent of more than 860 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

The energy and costs savings will be ongoing. The recognition by Peoples Gas is commemorated with a plaque to be displayed at Navy Pier.

“Everything we do — including the development of our 30-year Sustainability Master Plan in 2011 — honors the legacy and vision of Daniel Burnham’s ‘People’s Pier,’” said Marilynn Gardner, president and CEO of Navy Pier. “We are honored to protect and steward this storied slice of Chicago’s magnificent lakefront, and grateful to have found a partner with an equal passion for our lake, sustainability, and the Chicago community in Peoples Gas.”

The energy and cost reductions were achieved through the installation of high-tech boiler and ventilation controls, boiler tune-ups, and automated high-speed garage doors that prevent heat from escaping.

“This a strong example of the work our customers and our Energy Efficiency team are doing together to reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and save money,” Torrence Hinton, president of Peoples Gas, said. “We are extremely proud of Navy Pier for helping lead the way to a bright, sustainable energy future in Chicago.”

Navy Pier isn’t stopping with this success. It plans to step up energy and cost savings even further by continuing its energy efficiency work with Peoples Gas.

The Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency program is available to all Chicago residential and business customers. Click here for more information.