Peoples Gas is celebrating dads this Father’s Day. The company asked employees to submit pictures and provide a few thoughts about what it means to be a dad.

Here are their words:

“I love being a dad because my daughters keep me grounded and are a daily reminder of what’s most important in my life.” — Sal Arana, vice president — operations

“I found my ‘why’ in life the day I became a father. For me, it’s been the greatest gift ever received. My children gave me the honor and opportunity to love something more than myself, and because of that, they inspire me to be the best I can be in whatever I do. They are the reason I get back up after getting knocked down. They keep me focused on what really matters. When my days are done on this earth, and the final performance review has been submitted, the only rating that will matter to me is how well I did in raising good people.” — Alan Weber, area manager

“Some of the highlights for me of being a dad to these wonderful humans are the bonds we create, the opportunities to mentor and instill shared values, and also to support and love them and encourage their success. While we all as parents have highs and lows, I am proud to say I am a better person because of them and how they have molded me as their father.” — Charlie Graham, director — field support services

“Other than being a husband, a dad is the most important and challenging role there is. While it is expensive and time-consuming, it is extremely rewarding. It is an emotional roller coaster experiencing all the joy and pain in your children’s lives. But, in the end, it is all worth it and I could not be happier that I was blessed to be a dad.” —Dan Thiel, senior business analyst—business effectiveness and integration

“Everyone’s parents tell their kids, “blink and childhood is over”, and as a parent I’ve found this saying to be true. Because of time being so fleeting, I have made it a priority to spend as much time with my kids as I can and that they will allow – especially now with teenagers. It’s been an amazing journey with them and they have made being a dad very rewarding.” —Matthew Krecun, corporate communications

“As a father, I have learned to enjoy the journey rather than focus on the destination.” —Naren Prasad, remediation manager —environmental

“Being a dad is a greater gift than I ever imagined. I just wish I could freeze time.” — Scott Alwin, senior communications specialist

“I love being a dad and passing on family traditions and teaching kids lifelong skills. These memories will last forever and it makes me feel like I did my job.” — Timothy Carr, general supervisor — distribution operations and maintenance

“I love being a dad because my sons are always teaching me new things.” — David Schwartz, senior communications specialist